Why You Should Not Hire a Traditional Cleaning Lady

Fortunately, consumers like you are getting savvier. Green and philanthropic businesses are more popular than ever. Everyone chooses carefully to make sure to put their money in places close to their personal values. Your money has power and you know it. That’s why the days of traditional house cleaner are over.

 Nobody wants to plan a trip to the ATM to pay their employee. At the time of ease and snapshot, here’s why you need to change your housekeeping habits for a simpler option.

1. Insurance

Most housekeepers in the classifieds will ask you to pay them under the table. Which means their work is illegal. Therefore, they can’t be cover by any insurance. If ever a work accident occurs, the person working at your house will not get compensated, which can lead to complicated situations for you.

In the same vein, if there is a breakage or a theft situation in your home during the cleaning, you will not be covered by your insurance. By doing business with a company like Adèle Express, you automatically have access to compensation insurance of up to $ 3 million.

2. Manage

By choosing a traditional cleaning lady, you hire an employee. You will, therefore, have to interview and contact references before making your choice. Moreover, if the relationship does not work, you will have the difficult task of announcing the end of the contract.

With Adele House Cleaning, all you have to do is book a house cleaning and pay online. We will then send you one of our handpicked and certified Pros. Moreover, as we have a large team at your disposal, if the Pro assigned to your cleaning has an impediment, we will send someone else.

3. Background Check

Even after talking with the person’s references and several interviews, do you know who you let into your home? It is almost impossible to know the person you are opening your door to. However, we conduct criminal record checks to ensure that our Pro team is made up only of trusted people.

4. Price

You may be thinking you would save money by choosing to pay someone, but think again. By adding the cost of household equipment, cleaning products and possible breakages, you will pay more. Our Pros come to your place with their equipment and Adèle ecological cleaning products. So you have absolutely nothing to think about!


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