What Should You Clean in Your Home After a Flu?

The flu season has officially arrived. If you work in the public, if your children go to school, if you take public transportation, or if you simply go out of your home, you are at risk of catching the flu.

There are several ways to reduce your risk like annual vaccination, to cover your face when possible and of course, impeccable hygiene. However, let’s be honest, no one comes out of winter unscathed.

So here’s how to clean your house once your flu is over. You can then celebrate the fact that you can breathe freely again in a perfectly clean house.

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You will probably be tempted to use a toxic disinfectant to eliminate germs following the flu. However, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide kills as many germs as the supermarket cleaner and are completely environmentally friendly.

1. Cell Phones

You have just spent three days sick in bed trying to catch up on social networks. It is therefore essential to disinfect your cell. Do not forget to remove the case to clean underneath. To avoid damaging your device, it is best to spray your cloth rather than the cell phone directly.

2. Bathrooms

The bathroom is certainly a key piece for the health of your family. Everyone shares the same bathroom and will tend to wash their hands more and thus touch the faucet. This leads to an endless cycle of microbial sharing. The contaminated person should also use a different hand towel.

3.  Tables

All surfaces, counter and bedside table must be disinfected during and after your flu. These are surfaces that are constantly touched, but not sufficiently washed.

4. Bedding

You will have to make an exception and wash with warm water following your flu. The hot water will remove germs from your sheets, duvet cover and towels. You can also change your pillowcase every day, even if you are still sick. If you share your bed with a partner, it is best to change all bedding after each night for the duration of the flu.

5. Remote Control

It does not take much to contaminate a remote. You just have to blow your nose and touch it to share your germs with the rest of the family. Just like with the cell phone, do not spray cleaner directly on the remote control.

6. Door Handles, switches and stair rails

Even sick, these are things that you will not have the choice to touch every day. Clean them regularly, not just when someone is sick.

With the holiday season just around the corner, consider disinfecting all the items listed before and after being visited. This will limit the sharing of germs. This is the best gift for your family! For a little help with your regular house cleaning, book a cleaning with an Adèle Express Pro Adèle in Montréal and Toronto.



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