The Beginning of Adèle

Adèle Express was created from a vision: to simplify daily life without compromise to our clients.

Adèle Express was created by Adèle, the largest residential house cleaning company in Quebec, following a particular need difficult to fill by Adèle Plus, the Adèle franchise network present throughout Quebec. The service is just like its founders, forward-thinking, efficient and user-friendly.

It’s simple, we are responding to a problem shared by our customers: how to manage daily obligations while still having time for the really important things in life.

The constant experience is made possible by 1) our invaluable team of Pros, 2) Ecologo certified products, the highest global environmental standard, and 3) attentive customer service.

Our Vision

We all want more time to spend on what really matters. Adèle Express helps achieve this goal. We offer a flexible, innovative service – anywhere in the world, in just a few clicks.

Gaétan Migneault, President

Adèle in Numbers

800 000+

cleanings done since 1994

average rating 4.7/5

465 +

Adèle Express certified Pros

Our Values


We are proud of the Adèle Express name. All of our actions bear this signature. Our pride is what brings us to always aim to become better.


As visionaries, our goal is to improve. We want to make each home an inspiring place, one cleaning at a time.


We are determined to offer the best conditions to our Pros and to push them to share our determination to seize opportunities as entrepreneurs.

Foolproof house cleaning in

Adèle Plus, the Most Rewarded House Cleaning Company

Since 1994, Adèle Plus has taken on the challenge of driving forward the «Science of residential cleaning.»

By adding an on-demand service to what it already offers, Adèle Plus has positioned itself as a visionary in the field of residential cleaning. The consistency of the company’s work has resulted in several rewards. In particular, Adèle has obtained the Consumer choice award, having been nominated for business excellence each year since 2010.