6 Reasons Why It Is Essential to Own a Vacuum Cleaner

You’re in the vacuum cleaner aisle at the store and looking at the prices, you’re internally debating: is it necessary? YES! Here are 6 reasons to convince you that it is vital that you have a vacuum cleaner in your home.

1. Dust Mites

Most allergies come from dust mites. Using a broom is not sufficient to reduce the presence of these little critters. You must pass the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis or let one of our Pros take care of it for you!

2. Mold

Fighting off mold is essential to maintain a healthy home. The vacuum cleaner will suck up the spores that grow on fabrics and prevent them from spreading.

3. Bad Odors

Home fragrances sold in big box stores are not efficient whatsoever when compared to a good house cleaning. The answer to bad odors in a house is simple: cleaning on a regular basis, including passing the vacuum cleaner.

4. Pet Hair

Pets are adorable, but let’s be frank, they can cover your house with hair in a matter of days. Equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner, clean your pet’s bed every week and breathe better!

5. Reduce the Cost of House Cleaning

By doing a complete cleaning every one to two weeks, you will reduce your annual house cleaning costs. You will rarely have to pay for a thorough big cleaning!

6. A Feeling of Cleanliness

Despite your efforts to clean your home non-stop, you will only obtain the best result with the use of a vacuum cleaner. It is an essential tool in order to clean efficiently in all corners and to be 100% satisfied.

Adèle’s Advice for Choosing a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you have a small or large budget, you will definitely find an efficient vacuum cleaner. Here are a few features to look at to ensure you make the right decision. The appliance should have the following:

  • A cord that is long enough so that you can clean without having to unplug it too often
  • An air vent pointing up and a genuine HEPA filtration system
  • Wheels that are large enough and in rubber or plastic so as to not damage the wood floors
  • A battery with a good recharge capability



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