7 Ways to Eliminate the Use of Plastic in the Kitchen

Plastic is part of the daily lives of most families. However, environmental concerns encourage us to eliminate it from our routine.  The kitchen is often the place where there is the most waste. Here are a few tricks to help the planet and to save a few pennies!

1. Buying in Bulk

Food items such as nuts, cereal, legumes, rice, etc. can be purchased in bulk in specialized stores. Equip yourself with glass containers such as Mason jars or cotton bags before heading out to the store. CredoBags, a Montreal-based company, offers a nice selection of organic cotton bags that will help you reduce waste.

2. Stop Purchasing Plastic Bottles

To have fresh water at all times, a pitcher in the refrigerator is as effective as single-use water bottles. Ceramic bottles such as Soma bottles also offer a good alternative to plastic bottles. 

3. Completely Eliminate Plastic Straws

We have all thought that it’s only a harmless little straw. Yet, there exist reusable straws in various styles that are eco-friendly. Our favourite is made out of bamboo, by Karunaki.

4. The Proper Way to Recycle

Be aware! Not all plastics are recyclable. Visit your city website to learn more about intelligent recycling. You will be surprised at the number of items that you can recycle.

5. Favour Carton Packaging

When running errands, avoid purchasing pre-packaged products. You can privilege fresh products since they are rarely packaged in advance. Kill two birds with one stone for your health and for the environment by visiting one of your favourite public markets.

6. Eliminate Plastic Wrap

Storing food items in a container is as easy as using plastic wrap. It’s a matter of changing habits. Beeswax wrap is also good for storing food. Etee sells such wraps in various dimensions for all of your needs.

7. Prepare Your Lunches

You will save the planet and your wallet! The quantity of plastic used to package take-out meals is astounding. Take advantage of it to try new recipes!

At Adèle Express, the team of Pros uses a bottle refilling system to reduce plastic. The bottles of products can be reused hundreds of times. We, therefore, aim to reduce our ecological footprint, one cleaning at a time.


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