Spring Break Guide

Spring break is finally here! It’s surprising how a single week of vacation can hit the perfect spot. We were all getting tired of work, responsibilities, and mostly our common lack of sun (Oh Canada!). 

Without further ado, here is how to make the most out of those seven days with your family. Keep in mind that even though you want to do as many activities as possible, you should take some time to relax. 🛀

First off… 

Separate each day with a theme. This will help you plan, and always be up to date with fun ideas.

1. Cooking Day

Cooking with your kids is one of the most rewarding activities. You can teach them some easy cooking tricks that they will use every single day of their life, and see it as an investment, in ten years they might cook for you. 🤷‍♀️ Take a look at Ricardo’s 30 best recipes for kids. You will find easy and delicious ideas to cook with your little chefs. 

You can also organize a blind tasting test and try new flavours. Put different herbs, spices, strange fruits, and vegetables in cups and let them guess what it could be by pairing some pictures of the food. Kids are so expressive; it’s always fun to surprise them!

2. Outside Fun Day

Am I right if I tell you that there are pretty good chances that your best memories as a kid were about playing outside? It’s the perfect way to breathe fresh air, and for your kids to let their imagination run as they come up with new games. Dress according to temperature, pack snacks, put sunscreen, and have a good time! Plus, it’s completely free!

3. Kids Movie

What if it’s raining or too cold? Then head to the movies! There are always new kids movies for spring break. Stay aware of the special deals in each movie theatres. Cineplex offers Family Favourites presentation every Saturday mornings for only $2,99. You just saved a lot of money, but let’s be honest; we all know you will spend it on snacks. 🍿


4. Try A New Restaurant

Ok, so you know how exciting it is as an adult to try a new restaurant? Imagine as a kid. Then, add even more fun when you let fate decide where you will eat. 

We found out about Restaurant Roulette Apps lately, and they are fantastic! The App simply takes into account your location, you spin a wheel, and you eat to the restaurant that won. Bon appetit! 

5. Dollar Store Day

Did you know that kids can have the most beautiful day for only about $5 each? Courtesy of the famous dollar store! 

Bring your kids to the dollar store and let them choose each one or two games. Think puzzles, crafting accessories, sticker books etc.  The trip itself will be an adventure! Once home, you will be able to take a moment for yourself and relax. Please, do not use this time to clean! Let us take care of it. Book a cleaning online in only 5 minutes.

6. Crafting Day

Yes, this may involve glitters, glue and other messy things, but it’s so damn fun! Try a three ingredients slime DIY. Your kids will love it! 

If you don’t feel like making a mess in your kitchen, check out the Ceramic Cafe in Montreal or The Clay Room in Toronto. Your kids will paint the day away while your drink cappuccinos.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with other parents, and bring all the kids together for an awesome afternoon.

Previously hide treats, small gifts or gift certificates around the house or the back yard (you can even do it at the park on a sunny day). Write down some clues and hand them down to the players. 

Then let the magic happen! For souvenirs, you could hand the kids some disposable cameras, and ask them to take pictures every time they find a treasure, and throughout the day.

That is just some of our favourite ideas. There is so much more: think about a park tour in your neighbourhood, a trip to an indoor pool or a fun camp night in your living room. Be creative! 😀



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