4 Habits of People Whose Houses are Always Clean

It isn’t easy to keep your home clean between full house cleanings. We all want to prolong the feeling of relief and accomplishment that we have after cleaning the house. Life seems easier when our eyes aren’t constantly noticing upcoming tasks.

Some people seem to have found the secret to having a clean house at all times. It goes without saying that these people put a little more effort into their routine to live in a clean environment every day. 

 You’ll have to change your everyday habits to get maximum satisfaction and save precious time in the long term. These tips are easy to work into your routine, and they’re totally free!

1. Tidy Your Kitchen in the Morning

Cleaning a little each morning is like giving yourself a little gift every day. You’ll come home from work in the evening, and you won’t have to worry about the clutter left earlier in the day. Leaving your house clean and tidy is a way to avoid the perils of being a bit lazy after a day’s work, and make the most of your weekday evenings.

When breakfast is over, but whatever goes in the dishwasher in there, and wash the rest by hand. If the dishwasher is full, don’t wait until later to start the cycle, do it right away. Be sure to use environmentally friendly tablets to wash your dishes. It’s an easy way to care for the planet.

 Once the dishes are washed, tidy up countertops and tables – put away anything that doesn’t belong there. In the morning it’s usually a bag of bread, a roll of paper towels or small appliances that might have a place in a cupboard. Clearing your counter and dining table will only take a few seconds, but it will instantly make you feel better.

 If you have children, or if you tend to be a little messier when eating breakfast, disinfect tables and countertops in the morning. Washing counters and table with disinfectant will help you stay healthy, and prevent the buildup caused by sticky fingers.

2. Do laundry from A to Z

Yes, it may seem logical. When you start something, you finish it. However, with the laundry it’s different. There may be up to 1 hour between each step. So it’s easy to get distracted and move on. So don’t wait by the dryer for the cycle to end. Just put an alarm on your phone. The alarm will motivate you to take a break from your current activity to finish the laundry you started.

Here, the most important part is getting to the part where you put the clothes away in your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is tidy, it will be easier to put away your clothes. Read up on how to clean up your closet, and learn how to stop dreading putting away your laundry.

3. Wash Your Refrigerator Every Week

For real? Yes, every week. It’s easier than it sounds. Before going shopping, take a few minutes to get rid of stale and overdue foods. Also, empty all the plastic containers with leftover foods that aren’t going to be eaten. This habit will allow you to greatly reduce odours in your refrigerator, and also make you aware of the food you’re wasting before going shopping. You’ll be less inclined to buy too much at the grocery store. Once the refrigerator is almost empty, plug in your vacuum cleaner and vacuum up the dirt before disinfecting the shelves and drawers.

4. A Place For Everything

It’s important not to buy anything if you do not know where to put it away. The old saying is the perfect philosophy: a place for everything, and everything in its place. Everything you touch should have a home within your home. This will prevent you from moving objects around your counter endlessly without ever really storing them. If you feel you have a lot of objects with no assigned space, start by evaluating all your storage spaces. Then make a plan of all these spaces and write down what should be there.

Organize each storage space one by one and store the items. Take the opportunity to give away things you don’t use anymore. The things you use every day should be around head height when possible. You’ll probably pick up lots of papers during this process. Now’s the time to find a place to collect your papers or clean up your existing storage space. This is a great opportunity to sign up for online invoices for all the services that have this option!

 One more thing

Living in a clean space today also means keeping a digital life that isn’t too cluttered. Clean up your computer’s desktop, group your smartphone apps into folders, and unsubscribe from newsletters you never read. The order in your electronic devices will inspire you to keep all aspects of your life organized 🙂

All of these steps should be paired with regular housekeeping in your home. You will save a lot of time and energy. If you’re someone who finds it difficult to change your habits, choose a first step that seems easy, but results with the biggest reward for you personally. You can gradually add the other habits that make sense for you. For example, if you’re often tired after work, clean up your kitchen in the morning. You’ll give yourself a hand and make life easier.


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